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Since 2010, We are rebooting the HR software. With the most deeply understanding of our customers needs, bringing the company spot light to those are doing the difference in their talent promoter role. We have deleted the old fashion way, being the creative and disruptive guys of the neighborhood, developing best engagement solutions ever.

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Forward reassure its alliance with Microsoft for 2018. Seattle, WA United States, December 18, 2017. Forward's research and development team attended the Microsoft EBC event this December 18, 2018 based in Seattle, WA to participate in several work sessions focused on strengthening and innovating Forward as a platform for communication, learning and engagement. "From the voice of Zev Yanovich, Cloud ISV Director of Microsoft and its entire development team, they were able to learn about the tools and utilities available so Forward could continue to be the most innovative and disruptive platform in Mexico and Latin America," said Jorge Gasca, CTO of Forward. Throughout 2 days in this center,

In 2020 there will be 22 billion connected devices, and 5 smart devices per person What are you doing to connect with your work team? December, 2017. Environments interconnected with all its elements, generate information with every movement, thought and feeling. A whole life of digital interactions is the future we are building: IoT future. Internet of Things (IoT) What we know today as "Internet of Things" or "Internet of Objects" (IoT), is a concept that was born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Thanks to the RFID system (abbreviations of radio frequency identification), a chip with a few millimeters in any object at home, work or in the

Connect with 75% of the economically active population of tomorrow: "the Millennials" Mexico, December 2017. Nowadays there exist two vital elements that are changing organizations. This elements are revolutionazing, scalating and are the common denominator in companies: Technology and Millennials. Losing them of sight would mean not to get forward at the speed that the market demands, and we must take them into account because now are part of our reality. According with INEGI figures, in the next decade Millennials will represent 75% of the working population worldwide. In Mexico this generation represent 30 million of people. For those who are part of previous generations (meanly directors

3 benefits of  E-learning business software Training and Online Communication is one of the best solutions that technology has brought us and to our workplaces. But also to the human resource management within companies. Currently more than 60% of companies stand out for hiring new staff. Insted of train work teams that are already perishing in organizations. Discarding that people growth inside companies are directly proporcional to the growth of it, E-learning represent a numerical return of investment. Training is a key element in the formation, retention, and development of people in a company. However, it's a long and expensive process. Which not all organizations are willing

The 6th edition of this successful event was held on November 14, 2017, at the Banking and Commercial School, Campus Dinamarca, Mexico City. Dev Day for Women is a day for developer women. It is an event that combines technical conferences, sessions about professional development, talks about women's experiences in the industry, and networking activities. Jorge Gasca, CTO of Forward shared in front of just over two hundred women developers, his point of view on how to grow in an industry that is going faster and faster and has a huge scope within the next 5 or 10 years. He took us little by little on the decalogue