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FORWARD reassure its alliance with Microsoft for 2018

Forward reassure its alliance with Microsoft for 2018.

Seattle, WA United States, December 18, 2017.

Forward’s research and development team attended the Microsoft EBC event this December 18, 2018 based in Seattle, WA to participate in several work sessions focused on strengthening and innovating Forward as a platform for communication, learning and engagement.

“From the voice of Zev Yanovich, Cloud ISV Director of Microsoft and its entire development team, they were able to learn about the tools and utilities available so Forward could continue to be the most innovative and disruptive platform in Mexico and Latin America,” said Jorge Gasca, CTO of Forward.

Throughout 2 days in this center, Jorge Gasca (Forward CTO), Edwin Moedano (Head of R&D of Forward) and Ricardo Jassan (Forward’s Roadmap Manager), have found that this alliance without doubt, is productive and will contribute in a very important way to Forward’s objectives.

Relevant aspects of the event

  • Integration with Azure Container Service (AKS) as part of the segmentation strategy of their specialized services.
  • Implementation of modules with Azure Cognitive Services as part of the proposal “Intuitive connectivity with the internet of things”
  • Implementation of intelligent services with LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligence Service) of Azure for chatbots products specialized in customer service and information search.
  • Integration with Azure Machine Learning (AML) for the generation of predictive models that allow us to offer intelligent content.
  • Implementation of Azure Blockchain as part of the distribution and certification strategy of users within the platform to generate extracurricular value.

2018 will be an exciting year and Forward’s commitment to their customers and users continues because Forward 4.0 and the new On Demand: Forward Now! will be released soon.


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