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A life of digital interactions

In 2020 there will be 22 billion connected devices, and 5 smart devices per person

What are you doing to connect with your work team?

December, 2017. Environments interconnected with all its elements, generate information with every movement, thought and feeling. A whole life of digital interactions is the future we are building: IoT future.

Internet of Things (IoT)

What we know today as “Internet of Things” or “Internet of Objects” (IoT), is a concept that was born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Thanks to the RFID system (abbreviations of radio frequency identification), a chip with a few millimeters in any object at home, work or in the city will be enough to process and transmit information constantly.

How interesting would it be that every morning when we went to run, our tennis will record and report us how much we haved run monthly. To know how much calories we burned and what is our top speed. What’s more, analyze everything and told us if we are ready to run a marathon soon. Imagine that after running, we arrived home to prepare breakfast and the refrigerator would alert us about the things that are broken. Another, suggest the caloric diet to start the day.

Even more extraordinary would be that on the way to the office our device not only gave us the route with less traffic, but will also notify us the exact time of arrival, if the meeting has already started and even if our boss has already arrived, even our toothbrush will warns us if the wisdom teeth are about to come out. We are one step away from it.

IoT market

Furthermore, data collected by the IDC firm (published by 5G Americas) explains that in 2016 the IoT market in Mexico reached an approximate value of 3,300 million dollars driven mainly by business use (transportation and manufacturing). Giving Mexico a 0.41% share in the global market, amounting to a value of 812,000 million dollars in 2016. In 2017 it is expected that the value of the IoT market in Mexico would grow 26%.

Within the predictions for 2018, the Internet of things will move from the scale of experimentation to business. Becoming the backbone of the future value of the client. Therefore, digital infrastructure will run to the limit and specialized platforms will be necessary. Developers will have an important impact on platforms and initiatives, with security being a key element in this.


Given this digital panorama, you might think that within companies corridors of depersonalization and human contact are filled. However, only the way of relating and interacting within the organizations will evolve. Alex Mena, CMO of Forward, a technology company who focuses its efforts on communicating technologically and dynamically to companies. He explains that in the years to come, all companies will have to implement digital platforms to interact, communicate, grow and advance in the market. Internal way as external. The difference will lie in the personalization. This platform achieves with the collaborators, since due to its remote use it must combat thousands of human challenges.

Forward’s methodology is focused in communicating dynamically and technologically at different organizational levels. Connecting with each member of the work team. Companies such as Oster, MetLife, ABB, Coppel, among others, have already started to implement the Forward platform, and obtaining positive results. Furthermore, Mena explains in a general way the multiple advantages that an e-learning software can offer to your business:


Without avoiding or sparing financially in the training of personnel. An e-learning considerably reduces costs, since the whole process adapts to any electronic mobile communication device. Providing the opportunity for both the evaluated and the monitor to work at their own pace.


With an online platform, the training does not have to end before entering to work fully in a company. This can now extend throughout the journey of the employee in the performance of his position. Therefore, you can even take courses that have nothing to do with your area but that are of interest to you.


Perhaps the most important advantage of this new technological solution is the possibility of monitoring the complete productivity of a company. In conclusion, visibilising the weak points and red lights to try to give them a solution in advance. It also allows measuring the use of the worker with respect to the learning obtained from a course or evaluation. Keep it in a database for future courtships.
About Forward:
Forward is the communication, learning and engagement platform that ignite people’s development and connects them with their organization. Having 3 fundamental axes: Connecting, Learning and Sharing. Values injected into Forward’s DNA.  Being a dynamic, robust company, leader in its category, adaptable, fresh and human.

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